Lesley Birch Artist

Lesley Birch was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1958 and has been painting and exhibiting for 14 years.  Her landscapes and figures have brought her notice because of their sense of mystery and atmosphere.  In 2013 she showed at The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition selling on the preview evening.

"I paint from my memory and imagination inspired by sea and land.  Wherever I go, I make sketches - the wildness of Scotland, the Lake District, Cornwall and then I paint in my studio back home in York.  These paintings are suggestions and impressions from my mind of places I've been.   Emotion and atmosphere come through the mistiness of soft brush marks in combinations of beautiful colours.  I love loose, free sweeping marks, palette knife scratches and scrapes.  For me, these moments create a history to the piece.  Recently, the work is becoming more symbolic with a sense of narrative and sometimes suggestions of figures hovering in the foreground."